Soins d’Orient, Oriental Care Culture



For millennia, the beauty recipes of oriental women are inspired by daily gestures of toilet and care. The true Alep Soap, ancestor of Marseille Soap, known for its dermatological benefits is an illustration of it. It is the subject of an artisanal production unchanged since tens of centuries.
Rhassoul, bay laurel oil, red clay, argan oil Bio: all natural and authentic ingredients that enrich the soaps Care of Orient for the softness and the natural beauty of the skin.

Soins d’Orient range is designed at the Savonnerie du Midi, one of the last factories in Marseille using the traditional know-how of a master soap maker.

This range of products with oriental influences is composed and enriched with natural ingredients from the Mediterranean rim to provide the skin with balancing and purifying minerals.

– Oriental Soaps from Soins d’Orient range, deliciously scented and made from a very mild soap base and vegetable oils, they are a treat for body care and purity.

The traditional Alep soap is the subject of an artisanal production unchanged for tens of centuries. This product, 100% natural, based on olive oil is slowly cooked in a cauldron; it is then enriched with bay laurel oil and naturally dried for several months. Used for the toilet, its extremely soft foam is ideal for the care and protection of the skin.