Compagnie du Midi is a subsidiary of the PRODEF Group, a French family-owned company founded in 1924.

The strength of our SME lies in the fact that it brings together two manufacturing sites, with complementary know-how and skills.

– The Savonnerie du Midi: a house founded in Marseille in 1894 which manufactures and markets traditional Marseille soap and cosmetic soap based on vegetable oils.

– The Compagnie du Midi site: located in the Alpes Maritimes, it manufactures and sells wiping and maintenance products for the general public.

Compagnie du Midi also relies on the know-how of Hygiène & Nature, the second subsidiary of the PRODEF Group, which manufactures and markets cleaning products and cosmetics for professional and subcontracting circuits. This subsidiary is located in Dijon.

The core business of our SME is to offer cleaning and cosmetic products to communities and to the general public by participating in the improvement of their quality of life. The Compagnie du Midi manufactures and markets its products through different brands:

– Maitre Savon de Marseille, Maitre Augustin, The Corvette, Soins d’Orient for the activity soaps and cosmetics organic and natural.

– La Nénette, La Droguerie d’Amélie and Le Chine & le Roseau for organic and eco-designed cleaning products.

– Le Comptoire de Manon for door to door sales for organic cleaning and cosmetic products.