The PRODEF group (“Produits D’Entretien Français” – French Cleaning Products), which owns Compagnie du Midi, specialises in manufacturing and selling cleaning and hygiene products.

This family-owned French company has been driven by a single goal since it was founded in 1924: to improve the living conditions of its fellow citizens on an on-going basis, foreshadowing what we now call sustainable development.

By placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, the company has launched or developed several historic brands (both in France and overseas) that are well-known to the general public, including the Solitaire range of cleaners, Lion Noir polishes, Idéal dye, and Opalor, the first powder detergent for dishwashers.

PRODEF strengthened its presence in the cleaning and hygiene sector with the acquisition of Compagnie du Midi in 2013, and now owns two subsidiaries: Compagnie du Midi for the general public and Hygiène & Nature for professional markets.


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